PULSE 25-Year Legacy Book

Coming soon…25 Year Legacy Book: Helping the Surviving Families of Victims of Homicide in Nebraska. Please share! We will be taking orders soon.


PULSE Souvenir Book

Dear Families, Friends and Pulse Supporters,
Centering Corporation is pleased to be a part of the upcoming Souvenir book celebrating PULSE and their 25 years of supporting families who have been victimized by homicide.

The PULSE Souvenir book will be a show of legacy giving support and resources to the families suffering from the unthinkable, homicide. Readers will read and learn about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of PULSE.

I am honored to volunteer to do the design and production work for PULSE, a very needed organization. You can be a part of the caring by placing an ad in the souvenir book. Donations will go toward printing costs.

Please send your digital ad to centeringcorp@aol.com.

DEADLINE FOR ADS: 10-19-2016

ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL 402-553-1200 and ask for Janet.


Patron: (listing of your name) $5.00
Business card : $25.00
Half page: $50.00
Full page $100.00
Inside page $500.00

$525.00 and growing

Keep hope alive!!

Janet Roberts, Executive Director

Make checks payable to: Centering Corporation, 7230 Maple St, Omaha, NE 68134, Centering Corporation is a 501(C)3.